When we are talking sometimes, we are unconsciously doing some gestures with the use of our hands. This body language helps us to make other people understand fully what we are trying to say. This will be effective in every presentation and to control our audiences to listen and to direct their attention to you. Public speakers use body languages effectively every time they deliver a speech. This is the most effective way to be convincing in front of strangers. This is a presentation skill that you should learn and possess when you stand and talk in front of the crowd. It will take away fear of public speaking and you will feel confident.

Known people are using body language in their entire presentation in order to be rid from their mannerisms. This will make them stay away from the unconscious things they usually do when they are nervous. Tension may come upon reaching the stage. There are some people who can manage this positively and can make a lively and interesting presentation out of it.The body languages you are making in front of the other people should and must be related to the words that will come out from your mouth.There will be a times that you will get emotional upon saying your piece and because you are overwhelmed, controlling your gestures will be difficult for you.In order to engage with your audience, concentrate on the proper emotion you will portray and don’t overreact. Right emotions will lead you to have an emotional connection to your audience.


Your contact with your audience will start with your confident entrance till you establish and maintain and eye contact. This will make them feel that you are really committed to your message and you are honest enough with the words that are coming out of your mouth. The way you enter the stage will make your audience react on what they see from you. Don’t give them the chance to give a poor and bad impression towards you. Your posture will signify your confidence and will make them conclude that you are smart and intelligent enough to effectively deliver your speech. Some body language you can do before you start your delivery is to smile and raise your eyebrows. This will signify that you are welcoming and make your audience comfortable. If you look comfortable, they will also be relaxed and get them ready to follow you. It will enhance your public speaking skills.

In delivering a piece, you will need body language together with the right pitch of your voice in order for your presentation to be interesting. A monotone voice could be very boring. In all executive speech, body language gives flavor to the presentation. Before you start speaking, you should need to start everything from neutral position with your hands at your side. This will also allow you to relax and to do deep breathing before you begin with your executive speech. Your hand gestures should be clear and appropriate as always. This will make emphasis to the strong points of your speech and this will also lessen the tension the speaker feels.