In the society today, there are more abuses and violence happening concerning women and children. Because of some traditions, these problems are often overlooked and excused. There are many types of abuses happening everywhere. Anyone could be a victim. The abusive activities should be acknowledged so that we can put closure to it.  Abuse becomes a cycle; that is why there are more unreported incidences continue to happen because of fear and the attitude of the victim to easily forgive the abuser. Every state is opening their arms widely to help the victims of abuses in order to recover from their sufferings. Visit altius partners to get detailed information on the best criminal lawyers and various forms of crimes.

Domestic violence comprises of a pattern behavior which was inflicted by one person to anyone in a domestic setting. It could happen within marriage. Violence caused by a partner to his spouse is what intimate partner violence is. It happens usually in 10 out of 100 couples living together in developed countries and much more on developing countries where they have inequalities in rights between two genders. Heterosexual or in same sex relationship can also experience domestic violence because partners tend to be possessive and can inflict physical, emotional and psychological violence to their partners. It could happen in different forms as long as it hurts and can harm the person with whom the abuser has the relationship with. An action that could be abusive is considered violence against others and their rights. The abuse can range from subtle to severe that may result in disfigurement or death at times.

Stop Domestic Violence

In the scenarios of domestic violence, women or the female partner is commonly becomes the victim. Women in the developed countries were encouraged to report it to the authority. Though there are cases of violence against men happening in some places but they are often unreported because of the pressure and social norms which will result to social stigma. In case of domestic violence which occurs over and over again because they believe that they behave in an acceptable and justified attitude towards their victim. The domestic abuse may develop an intergenerational cycles of abuse because their attention were not called and they feel that the behavior is acceptable and condoned. They will feel the guilt after the incident and become sorry for what they have done. They tend to give peace offerings to the victim and be reconciled once again. The victim of domestic violence could be trapped in the situation through isolating themselves from their peers and families in order to cover up the behavior of their abuser.

Campaigns against domestic violence Melbourne are globally implicated and promoted through a purple ribbon in Melbourne. The campaign aims to promote awareness globally and to reduce the cases of domestic violence and promote gender sensitivity even to developing countries. We should promote equality for all in terms of rights. Everyone has the right to live peacefully and away from abuse which may cause danger to others. We should promote a healthy relationship to our partners and children. With due respect for the rights of every person, we can eliminate all forms of abuse which may happen in the future.