The T Shirt, like other modern day devices such as the computer and the mobile phone, could be considered a barometer of social change. On this website, T Shirt Printing , we will discuss businesses and  other countries that have contributed to the acceptance of the T Shirt as a formal outer wear from an undergarment.

As the researchers and editors of this website “T Shirt Printing ” and as the owners we want to bring you the best information about T Shirts that is available. For now, we will focus on how the T Shirt could be considered a barometer for social change.

In case you might have not noticed, the change in the way society dresses came along with the introduction of modern electronic technological devices sometime from the 1960s and upwards.

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People have ceased wearing very formal clothing items such as the tuxedo and suit for men and the evening gown for women in many occasions. Instead, they have opted for less formal, but nevertheless acceptable and not too casual wear such as Custom t-shirts paired with coats, cardigans, skirts and items of clothing that allow more freedom of movement.

It was during this era that changes were taking place in other aspects of people’s lives.

First, the manual typewriter was replaced by the electric typewriter, then by the PC, then the laptop and now the tablet computer. Along with the development of the computer, the Internet was introduced, making many people stop sending mail the traditional way through post offices. Instead they sent their messages via email or text messaging.

Second, it brings us to the next major technological change that has come into people’s lives – the mobile phone. From the dial up styles, land lines initially had push buttons. Then the pager was introduced. Finally, the cellular phone was born, initially with voice services. What revolutionised modern communication is the use of text messaging, which is being used not only to send messages but also to pick winners in some reality TV shows or even beauty pageants.

A third life-changing development is the use of automated teller machines by banks which allowed people to withdraw funds anytime of the day. Lining up with bank tellers during banking hours has become optional for many people, as well as paying for utility bills which came with express banking services.

Along with these changes was the dropping of very formal wear. People no longer need to put on polo shirts, trousers, blouses or skirts when they went shopping, to watch a movie, dine out or even go to the office. Many establishments and institutions have relaxed their dress codes in favour of less formal, but still presentable apparel such as printed T Shirts topped with outer coats or cardigans.

Corporate offices, the last bastion of dress codes, are starting to also experience some changes with the rise of business process outsourcing and work-from-home arrangements. With the BPOs, employees communicate with clients just over the phone and computers, there is hardly any face-to-face contacts, thus a lot of BPOs now allow their employees to wear casual clothing such as jeans and T Shirts to work.

In the case of work-from-home arrangements, the option to wear even casual clothes is removed as the work-at-home person can just do his tasks while wearing  jammies, boxer shorts, a robe or whatever is comfortable to him or her. The big unless is if he or she has a teleconference via Skype or YM, in which case he or she needs to put on a formal top wear such as a printed T Shirt.

All these point to the interesting societal changes in our midst with the T Shirt Printing  companies as one of the catalysts of these changes.